Carmen Ng & June Ho
Karin Weber Galler


25 JAN - 16 FEB 2019


 ‘Place To Place’, a showcase of two young Hong Kong artists using works on paper to explore themes of place changes and subsequent upheaval. Moving homes can be an intensely emotional experience – the hope and excitement about a new beginning, the challenge of moving on to a new life-stage or environment, the fear of loss of friends and family, the anxiety about change and the future. Adding to the difficulty of the transition are the nostalgic memories or experiences that we ‘inherit’ from our old homes that persist in lingering on in our consciousness, All these complex feelings can be overwhelming and sometimes traumatic to handle. In our latest exhibition – ‘Place to Place’ two young Hong Kong artists share their experiences of coping with relocation.


搬家可以令人產生強烈的情感 – 對新開始抱有的期望和興奮,面對人生新的階段或環境的挑戰,對失去朋友和家人的恐懼,對改變和未來的焦慮。在應付轉變帶來的困難上,我們帶着依附在舊居的記憶或經歷,它在我們的潛意識中繼續存在。交雜的感受有時讓人吃不消。在展覽「遷居貳式」中,兩位年輕的香港藝術家分享了他們有關搬家的經驗。